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Healthcare Overview

ZTech offers Customer Xperience Management solutions for both the public and private healthcare sectors. We can provide solutions ranging from large organizations and private Healthcare systems to individual clinics and doctor’s offices. Through the combination of our cutting edge software and non-proprietary hardware devices Ztech has redefined the patient experience. Our offerings prioritize appointments vs. walk-in traffic, transfer patients throughout departments within the hospital, and integrate with medical records software.

In addition to improving the patient’s experience, our solutions improve organization effectiveness by decreasing time and costs associated with patient interactions and streamlining back office processes. From start to finish, KPI metric data (wait times, service times, etc.) combines with customer feedback to help define improvement opportunities.

HIS Experience

ZTech are working Since 2010 starting to contact Specialized companies in Healthcare Solution worldwide and checking most of the companies solution with there clients in Neighbors Countries, Middle East and Europe then bringing the most powerful and the highest innovation system then we choose Qnomy Solution a US company which had the strong HIS System world wide have Experience more than 12 year, we started gathering all information in Sulaimaniya Health directorate and visiting most of the Hospital and Clinic healthcare Center and presenting our Solution to making better in managing their clinics and Hospital, currently some of the Modules of the system operating in Diabetics Center in Sulaimaniyah.


Improve Productivity

img01 ZTECH software allows your employees to work more efficiently and effectively. We can help improve productivity by:

  • Eliminating unnecessary steps for your agents such as creating appointments or maintaining a sign in sheet.
  • Automating workflow for quicker transfers and process completion
  • Electronically notifying management or staff immediately when their assistance is required

Reduce Costs


In today’s economic climate, budgetary concerns are a top priority. ZTECH software can reduce current and future costs within your organization by:

  • Decreasing duplicate entry by integrating with billing and/or medical records software
  • Providing enterprise ready software without the need for proprietary hardware


Improve Quality


From the small details such as data entry to the larger overall impression of your organization, ZTECH improves your quality by providing you with tools such as:

  • Customer verification during the check-in process
  • Customer record management for tracking interactions
  • KPI metrics and customer survey feedback



Shorter visits

In today’s fast paced world serving patients in a timely manner is imperative. ZTECH software helps :

Reduce customer service time

  • Verify/obtain patient information at the check-in kiosk
  • Route to appropriate agent with skill set to take care of all services

Reduce customer wait time

  • Automate the flow of appointment vs. walk-in traffic through custom rules and settings
  • Allow patients to check-in for multiple services and assign them to the shortest queues first
  • Electronically transfer patient records/ information to receiving department as patient moves throughout the healthcare facility.

Improved Communication


ZTECH software provides the opportunity to inform patients of more than just their number in the queue. Take advantage of the ability to:

  • Provide current wait times on your website for ER or Urgent Care services
  • Display informational videos and public service announcements on TV screens
  • Print Tickets with position in line, reminders, advertisements, or important instructions
  • Standardize reception environment across departments and locations

Self-Serve Options


Advanced technology is quickly becoming a common part of our daily lives. ZTECH continues to stay ahead of the curve offering customers the ability to serve themselves through:

  • online appointments
  • Kiosks for check- in
  • Completing required paperwork online or at the check-in kiosk

Relaxed Waiting Environment


ZTECH allows patients to relax in a seated waiting area or wander outside to a less crowded location. Patients are provided with:

  • A speedy check-in option
  • TV screens for entertainment and call forward information
  • Text alerts of position in line to instruct customers to return to the lobby

ZTECH offers a large array of options for meeting the needs of healthcare organizations. Each of our Customer Experience Management solutions can be purchased separately, or they can all be acquired as a comprehensive package.


ZTECH offers our queuing solution to optimize the flow of patients in and out of your healthcare facility. It reduces customer wait time by:

  • Automating the flow of appointment vs. walk-in traffic through custom rules and settings
  • Allowing patients to check-in for multiple services and assign them to the shortest queues first
  • Electronically transferring patient records/ information to receiving department as patient moves throughout the healthcare facility.


ZTECH offers our scheduler software that allows patients the freedom to schedule their own appointments, staff to manage available service times, and the organization to optimize their efficiency. It can provide online appointment scheduling, send automated reminders to reduce no show rates, and seamlessly integrate appointment vs. walk-in traffic at the time of visit.

Digital Signage

ZTECH offers our digital signage solution that empowers our customers by providing an easy-to-use interface with centralized control across an organization. It eliminates needless subscription services, does not require any proprietary hardware, accepts a variety of media inputs, and can schedule playlists for various scenarios.

Way finding

ZTECH offers quality way finding software for streamlining patient flow in and out of large facilities. ZTECH is redefining the market by eliminating static directional signs and introducing customized way finding solutions which help alleviate patient confusion and keep your organization running on schedule. Our cutting edge software, combined with any number of non-proprietary hardware options, provides clear direction and simple navigation.


ZTECH provides an intelligent feedback system that touches all aspects of the patient visit through our advanced software: SENSE Survey. SENSE allows patients to provide information and organizes this information into an easy-to-analyze output. Armed with this valuable data organizations are able to evaluate performance, follow up with patients and make improvements as necessary.


ZTECH offers consultation for clients who are uncertain of their needs. Our consultants can evaluate your workflow, address areas of process that are cumbersome, make recommendations and serve as a valuable advisor. In addition, we will provide you with a plan for workflow and Customer Experience Management that optimizes the use of your staff and budget.

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